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Friday, 26 June 2009

Crowborough No Vision Project

ADVERTISING in empty shop windows, turning the High Street into a pedestrian zone and the massive improvement of public transport - these are just a small sample of what Crowborough businesses and residents want to see in the next 20 years.
Business owners also crave a purpose built enterprise centre which offers flexible business space for a low rent, scrapping town parking charges, more active promotion of the area, the creation of a tourism strategy and more pedestrian signs.

The ideas have come about after the Crowborough Visioning Project (CVG) hired the firm Dialogue to carry out a public consultation into what people want.
These ideas will be compiled into a document which will form the blueprint for future development in the town.
It will then be incorporated into the Wealden District Council local development framework.
Crowborough town Cllr George Moss, CVG leader, said: "Hopefully over the next month we will get some input back, hold a meeting with the retailers and get even more of a feel for what they want."
The consultation also revealed residents wanted to adopt the European concept of "shared space" – where motorists and pedestrians "become one".
This is achieved by removing the traditional separations between cars and walkers by taking away kerbs and signs.

Lifted from the courier.

This is more total bollocks by George Moss.

Why is the Crowborough visioning project called CVG shouldnt it be CVP or am I being stupid.
Why have they employed a bunch of third rate retards to consult with us (must have missed that one).

Are we supposed to believe that a member of the public came up with the great idea of scrapping parking charges (everyone knows parking is free in Crowborough) and also came up with the idea of letting people and cars share the same roadspace.

It all sounds to me like this is what the council are going to do and they are pretending the ideas came from the public.Do we think that the council will actually publish who came up with what idea,course not.

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  1. The cretins that were given our money to make out they had consulted with us are


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