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Friday, 26 June 2009

Who is a hoon and who isnt.

Just so everyone knows which councillors voted to spend money they dont have see below.It seems like only 2 councillors had the guts to stand up for the council taxpayers of Crowborough.

If that indeed was their motive then well done to them.Shame on the rest of them.

RESOLVED to authorise the Town Clerk to obtain borrowing approval of £329,600 (made up of £179,600 for the Goldsmiths project and £150,000 for land purchase)

FOR (Hoons) Cllrs Paul Adams, Leigh Colbran, Peter Cowie, Philip Fermor, Mick Hall, Anita Nerwin-Nye, George Moss, Liz Scott, Mark Symons and Neil Waller

AGAINST(Heroes maybe) Cllrs Colin Stocks and Sandra Timms

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