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Friday, 24 December 2010

Freedom and the Law.

It was my intention to refrain from posting over the festive break but like all things its subject to change.

If you have any spare time over Christmas and New Year I would urge you to read this explanation of how the law is there to protect your rights but statutes are just instruments of oppression.

Even if you read it and dont see the relevance you have lost nothing but potentially you could realise that true freedom is available to everyone.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Not winterval,holidays,xmas or any other multicultural bollocks but good old Christian Christ Mass.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Told you so.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Chinese ,Austrians and Saxons are all black you know.

Had the misfortune of having to go to Brighton the other day which I hate on so many levels,the main one being is that it is so car unfriendly and the parking nazis seem to be all hard nosed illegal immigrants or poofs with a chip on their shoulder.
Having found somewhere to park I walked down (no laughing at the back) Queens Street where there is a strange building packed full of "voluntary community groups".

One that caught my eye was Brighton and Hove Black History project which is obviously racist because according to them "‘Black people’ and ‘mixed-parentage people’ includes all those people whose ancestral origins are African, Asian, Caribbean, Chinese, Middle Eastern, North African, Romany, the indigenous peoples of the South Pacific islands, the American continents, Australia and New Zealand."

So according to these numbnuts Chinese and pikeys are now black-how fucked up is that.

The Black History Project website is registered to the Fiankoma Project in the same building .
The Fiankoma project website is registered to a Greek Cypriot called Elena Georgiadou based in Limassol Cyprus.

So we have a Black History Project ultimately run by a non Black ie White greek Cypriot which strikes me as a bit wierd to say the least.

Mind you my suspicion is that this person doesnt exist and someone is trying to hide behind the equivalent of a PO box in Cyprus.

Very strange but it goes to show nothing is what you think unless you think its all a load of mind bending bollocks in which case your correct.

Do take some time to read the utter bollocks written on the Black History website as its hillarious.

1)"The discovers in 1911 of fragments of pre-historic remains, were found, included fragments of teeth and thigh bones of, a Mastodon, a Hippopotamus, and a Beaver, part of a Red Deer’s antler, also the teeth of a Pleistocene horse.
These animals roamed Brighton and Hove Sussex and other areas in England at different times during the Ages."

Funny or what-mastadons(probably black) were roaming the Streets of Brighton and Hove thousands of years before Brighton and Hove actually existed- LMAO.

Shock Horror-Red deer roamed the Forest.

2)"The Neolithic people lived on high grounds on Whitehawk Hill near the Race Course just a little to the South of the grandstand, and opposite the top of Freshfield Road, on the east the ground falls into Whitehawk Bottom"

Jesus the Race Course has been there since the stone age and they all lived in a cave on a nice housing estate opposite Freshfield Field.Either the author is as thick as shit or he is winding everyone up.I suspect the former rather than the latter.

3)"These immigrants belong to a culture known as Hallstatt after a place in Austria, they were refugees, displaced by war. They settled in Sussex. "

So Austrians and Swiss are black as well are they and they trudged all the way over to Calais and caught the ferry no doubt because they were refugees.Give me strength.

4)"The Saxons create settlements in Brighton and Hove. The City had many advantages for the early Saxon settlers, with it easy communication "
They particulaly enjoyed the direct train line to London which made commuting easy so they could enjoy living in multicultural diverse Brighton and Hove yet could pursue a career in the
Metropolis of Londinium.

It continues but I cant take any more please read and enjoy-it will Brighton (get it) an otherwise dull day.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The South East Rural Community Councils

I have taken this third sector organisation as an example.

The South East Rural Community Councils is registered as a charity No 1091609 and proclaims ...

"The South East Rural Community Councils (SERCC) is the consortia organisation for the Rural Community Action Network, (RCAN) in the South East. RCAN is a national network of charities that support and work with people living in rural areas across the whole of England, to keep their villages and communities thriving and sustainable."

This organisations web site is registered at

Astolat Coniers Way New Inn Lane Guildford Surrey GU4 7HL United Kingdom.

The charity accounts for 2009 state that its funds come mainly from SEEDA (EU funded Quango), ACre (Third Sector), capacity builders (EU/cabinet office organisation),Government Office of the South East (Eu regional office) and Community Development Foundation (Third Sector).

If you google the address above up pops many other third sector organisations all operating from the same office.

On and on it goes this small office block (look it up on google earth street view) seems to house 100s of third sector organisations each funding each other and pulling in funds ultimately from the EU.

Guildford has always been a shithole but it seems that the EU has chosen it for its command and control centre for the its designated South East Region.

The third sector-the modern gestapo.

Having established that the reality we actually live in is not the same as the reality we think we live in we need to move on a bit.

Most people get on with their lives trying to make a living as best they can.They believe that society is ordered and the tiers of local government work together with national government to do what is right and best for us all.It is also a general belief that we have a say in how we are governed by being allowed to put a cross next to someones name every few years.

In reality we have no powers at all over how we are governed as all tiers of government are working to their own agenda and it doesnt include the plebs having any say in how things are run.The way it actually works is that there is a them and us thing going on whereby they carry on with their own agenda for their own benefit and we the general public are expected to shut the fuck up ,work till we drop and hand over all our gains to them for them to do exactly what they want with it which is never the same as what they say they are going to do with it.

The illusion that we all are expected to believe in is that Parliament comes up with policies that are debated in full in both chambers of parliament and then,if voted for by a majority of representatives, is implemented through Government Departments or Local Government in a fully democratic ,open and transparent manner.The lines of power are clear and it is a neat and clear administration.There thats nice and clear isnt it we can all say now that we all live in a lovely cuddly free country where we have a say on what gets implemented and also who represents our views and wishes in this lovely democratic system.

Only slight problem is it doesnt work like that at all.On the surface it appears to be all lovely but a bit like a rotten egg in that as soon as you get past the appearance it all starts to smell and turn pretty unpleasant.

Its all an illusion -lets start from the beginning shall we.The real power behind government is the EU not the UK Government or Parliament who now hold no more power than councillors on a Parish council.Parliament is just a rubber stamping organisation whereby EU policies are approved with no meaningful debate and sent on its way as law after the legislation has been given Royal Assent which it always is because the Monarch knows her place in the EUssr and has no powers to change anything anyway.

So we have the EU getting every piece of legislation through parliament but then it requires that legislation to be enforced.No problem because the EU has set up an alternative power structure that operates under the surface like a huge fungus growing underground with no hint on the surface as to what is going on.This alternative structure is like a terrorist network whereby if one part fails there are many alternative routes to the same end .This alternative power structure is like the EU totally unaccountable and undemocratic and to our eternal shame there are plenty of Common Purpose brainwashed EU Collaborators willing to run this structure and to impose the will of the EU onto the general populace by using Frankfurt School subversion techniques.In case you are in any doubt the ultimate aim is to destroy the UK and England specifically so we just become another region of the EU Socialist superstate.

Now I know you all think I am talking bollocks and our elected Councillors and MPs,most of which are Conservatives in this part of the country wouldnt let this happen.Well sorry guys most Conservatives have been selected because of their pro EU stance so they are part of the problem not part of the solution.The few Euro Sceptics that remain within the Conservative party are never going to be given any power but are allowed to sound off every now and then to take the heat off the pro European cabinet.If democracy operated in our country we would have had a referendum on coming out of Europe a long time ago but we are not allowed a vote because the organisation that actually rules us (EU) says we cant because they know what the result will be.

So where is this underground secret EU funded structure then I hear you ask.Well it is hidden in the mysterious Third Sector as its called.Most people have not a clue what the Third Sector is but this is where the undermining of our society is being planned and implemented now.In fact the third sector is more powerful than ever and is set to be even more powerful when they take over from the quangos that were supposed to be scrapped.In reality many third sector organisations are quangos with charitable status and are infested with common purpose and pro EU socialists.Third sector is a term that conjures up the image of charities working hard to benefit people but that is not the case.The charity commission run by Suzi Leather (Common Purpose) and a quango itself has corrupted the term charity to include political organisations and quangos which then magically turn into third sector organisations .They are not charities in any way other than they have been allowed charitable status .There are hundreds if not thousands of these third sector organisations that get funded by a money go round that begins at the door of the EU.Third sector organisations fund other third sector organisations in an attemptto disguise where the money and influence is coming from but sooner or later if you follow the funds an Eu front organisation will appear.

For information any organisation that has region/regional in the title or refers to the regions are EU front organisation.Third sector organisations are easy to identify because they cant resist to spout words like cohesion, social development ,diversity, climate change , sustainability and boast about being a charity. Look further into the accounts of these third sector organisations and you see that most of the money comes from other third sector organisations or something that is known as the office of the third sector.In reality this money go round is just a ruse to disguise the fact that it is the EU pumping millions into these organisations and you dont have to be a genius to work out why.You will also find many councillors on the management board of many of these organisations-traitors bought and paid for by the EU.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The third sector or the third reich.

I need to explain a few things.

Firstly you have to question the political and social beliefs that you thought were facts.

You have to unlearn some of these beliefs because they are not facts but things that you are programmed to consider as facts without question.

To run through the basics.

1)The far left and the far right of the political spectrum are the same.If you think of the spectrum as a circle no matter which way you go left or right you end up in the same place.
Nazis are no different from communists. Nazis were/are national socialists and communists are socialist socialists-the common word is socialist.
2)The BNP are not nazis they are nationalists,the Labour party are socialists ,the Lib dems are socialists.The Conservatives have drifted left so far from their traditional position to now also being socialists.
3)Elections are a shame because all the parties despite what they may say all stand against freedom ,democracy and a small state.
4)All the main parties and leaders are pro EU.Anyone anti Europe will never get the chance to lead a main party .
By voting for Labour,Lib Dems or Conservatives you are voting for a slightly different brand of pro European socialism.

Now you have to also appreciate that

1)The third sector and government overlap substantially with the overlap being filled by quangos and pseudo quangos with charitable status
2)The third sector may include charities but a large portion are pseudo qungos with charitable status (see below).
3)The defintion of a charity has changed to include many political organisations that are not charities in the way we think of charities.
4)The third sector/quangos have an enormous influence over the way supposedly democratic organisations like councils operate.
5)The third sector and quangos are riddled with politically appointed pro EU socialist placemen.

We also have organisations like Common Purpose who have been perfectly described as the "glue" that keeps it all together and makes sure that everyone sings from the same socialist, fabian pro European songsheet.

At the bottom we have the EU using political parties,quangos ,pseudo quangos with charitable status and common purpose as conduits through which it can direct its poison to the heart
of the country to kill off freedom and democracy.Once freedom and democracy is dead we end up with a totalitarian communist organisation named the EU moving into the vacuum.
Common purpose talk about planning for the post democratic age which gives you a pretty big hint that democracy is not included in the game plan.

The country is going down the pan because thats part of the plan.The public havnt looked up from their TVs and computers for long enough to realise that we are at war and should be fighting for our survival rather than watching strictly X factor Jeremy Kyle gots talent.Unfortunately because its not a hot war we are not prepared and havnt even realised that the war has started.
The enemy we face is not using force or military hardware it is using our own minds against us in order to infiltrate or invade if you like our country and our institutions.Undermining a country using frankfurt school subversion techniques is not a war that we recognise but it is a war just the same.

Just imagine if you will a few armed people waving the EU flag turning up at every council and government office in the country saying they were in charge now and everyone had to obey them or face the consequences.Would we all just stand around watching them tear down our flags and replace them with the EU stars.Would we stand around taking orders from foreign soldiers and help them take us over without a fight.Would we allow fifth columnists and collaborators to come out of the woodwork to rule over us and watch over us to make sure we obey.
We like to think of us as being at our best when our back is to the wall but what we have failed to notice is that our enemy is already surrounding us and all the wall does is hide those enemies behind it who are ready to ambush us at the first opportunity.

In short we are all fucked unless we all wake up pretty damn soon.

I will continue with this using examples and names being named but for now just turn the telly off for a few days,dont buy any papers and do your own research.Its all there if you know where to look.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Stephen Neary scandal.

Read this post from Anna Raccoon and get very very angry.

Climate data since 1659

As I am now a climate scientist I have decided to start up the Crowborough Climate Research Unit and do a bit of research into climate change.

Trying to find modern untampered data is pretty much impossible.The eco fascists like to produce lovely graphs showing whatever they want them to show.The actual temperature figures are closely guarded by the eco fascists because they release nothing until they have been"adjusted " to such an extent that the figures end up meaningless.Variance from average temperature records are a favourite because depending where you decide the average is depends on what the graph show and there is no one on this earth who can tell what an average temperature should be for any given time because of the huge number of variables involved.

I have however managed to find genuine mean yearly temperatures for central England compiled by G.Manley in 1974 and published in the Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society 100, 389-405.

The mean temperatures I am interested in are for the years 1659-1974 (when the data was published)which is ideal because in 1974 the climate change scam had not even been thought up.

Using the figures of over 300 years the hottest mean temperatures are for the years 1733,1736,1779,1868 and 1949.

Figures after 1980 are useless and subject to god knows what fiddling to prove that man made C02 is responsible for supposed warming.The later figures look even more dodgy when you consider that the consensus is that no global warming has occured over the last decade yet according to these figures central England would seem to have been subject to its own period of warming when the rest of the globe has remained static in terms of temperature and even cooled a bit.

So in summary there is no pattern to prove anything other than to say the climate is such a complex system that no one with half a brain can predict anything other than the figures have been well and truly cooked over the last twenty years to prove something that is simply not happening.

In short the whole theory is shot to pieces and has no basis in fact at all. Read the figures yourself and make your own mind up but dont take the word of people whose speciality is in history/politics but are adept at class one bullshitting.
The link actually works now.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Mark Lynas-Climate expert with a degree in History and Politics

Mark Lynas is a journalist "specialising" in climate change bollocks and an environmental fascist/activist who spouts his shite in the Guardian,Independent and New Statesman.

He is also in league with Franny(I am stupid) Armstrong infamous for the 10:10 film advocating killing climate realists.

Now you would think that someone like Mark would be highly qualified in the field of Chemistry and Physics at the very least to enable him to write about such a technical subject as to how an inert gas essential for life on earth could possibly have any influence on the temperature across the globe.

Well you would be wrong as Mark Lynas has (wait for it)a degree in history and politics which are not subjects you think about first when analysing and understanding a complex ecosystem .
Put it this way would you let a Doctor anywhere near you if they had a degree in Politics but talked a good talk as to how much they knew about how the body worked.

Given that I have got qualifications in physics , chemistry and geology I think that means that I am more qualified on the subject than supposed expert Mark Lynas. Judging by Mark Lynas's crappy little house and his crappy old car (yes he actually drives-what a fucking hypocrite) talking climate bollocks is obviously a great payer NOT.

So how can someone who has absolutely no understanding about what he is talking about be held up by the eco fascists as some sort of expert.
If this bullshitter is the best that the eco fascists can come up I have to tell them that it isnt good enough .

Climate change is a con and anyone with the little knowledge and understanding of the carbon cycle and C02 s role in sustaining life on the planet knows that its bullshit and bad science all rolled into one.Mark Lynas might like to refer to himself as an expert which I can agree with because in this instance ex means a has been and a spurt is a big drip.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Lighter Later-another 10:10 front.

Lighter Later is campaigning for us to move over to Berlin time to make evenings lighter in order to save the childreeen and ickle baybees from being mowed down by drivers .

The campaign is getting a lot of press recently and the bedwetters are foaming at the mouth at the prospect of this being tried out.

Lighter Later is just a front for the bastards at 10:10 who advocated killing climate realists .

Just when you think organisations like 10:10 have been neutralised they pop back up like zombies-brain dead but persistent little bastards.

I know the zombies at 10:10 havnt thought of this but if evenings are lighter then mornings are going to be darker so the little childreeen will have to go to school in the dark and be mowed down earlier in the day.

The obvious solution is to take the kids to school in a great big 4x4 and crank up the central heating a few notches to keep that life giving C02 from being depleted.Either that or just keep your clock onto GMT during the winter and only use GMT when in contact with any of the fabian cock suckers in local/national government.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Global Warming final solution.

Fucking hellski -we have had 5 inches of snow and as usual everything grinds to a halt.Checking out Whistler in Canada today and they have temperatures of minus 20 C with a couple of feet of snow and everything is running normally.

Why is it we put up with this every year.ESCC and Wealden council are totally useless and despite knowing for weeks that it was going to snow nothing has been done to keep us all moving.

The wankers in local government have bought the global warming myth hook line and sinker and cant see beyond their bollocky climate change agenda.If the cunts could bear to tear themselves away from wanking off over Al Gore for one moment and looked out the fucking window they would realise its cold and getting colder.I wonder how many people will die this
winter because the wankers in charge cant see common sense.Climate change alarmists have blood on their hands because for them money and power comes before common sense and humanity.Bastards the lot of them.
Personally I would round them all up and ship them to the North Pole with only a pair of flip flops and shorts each for clothes and watch them slowly freeze to death whilst being told-dont worry its the warmest year on record.