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Friday, 10 December 2010

Chinese ,Austrians and Saxons are all black you know.

Had the misfortune of having to go to Brighton the other day which I hate on so many levels,the main one being is that it is so car unfriendly and the parking nazis seem to be all hard nosed illegal immigrants or poofs with a chip on their shoulder.
Having found somewhere to park I walked down (no laughing at the back) Queens Street where there is a strange building packed full of "voluntary community groups".

One that caught my eye was Brighton and Hove Black History project which is obviously racist because according to them "‘Black people’ and ‘mixed-parentage people’ includes all those people whose ancestral origins are African, Asian, Caribbean, Chinese, Middle Eastern, North African, Romany, the indigenous peoples of the South Pacific islands, the American continents, Australia and New Zealand."

So according to these numbnuts Chinese and pikeys are now black-how fucked up is that.

The Black History Project website is registered to the Fiankoma Project in the same building .
The Fiankoma project website is registered to a Greek Cypriot called Elena Georgiadou based in Limassol Cyprus.

So we have a Black History Project ultimately run by a non Black ie White greek Cypriot which strikes me as a bit wierd to say the least.

Mind you my suspicion is that this person doesnt exist and someone is trying to hide behind the equivalent of a PO box in Cyprus.

Very strange but it goes to show nothing is what you think unless you think its all a load of mind bending bollocks in which case your correct.

Do take some time to read the utter bollocks written on the Black History website as its hillarious.

1)"The discovers in 1911 of fragments of pre-historic remains, were found, included fragments of teeth and thigh bones of, a Mastodon, a Hippopotamus, and a Beaver, part of a Red Deer’s antler, also the teeth of a Pleistocene horse.
These animals roamed Brighton and Hove Sussex and other areas in England at different times during the Ages."

Funny or what-mastadons(probably black) were roaming the Streets of Brighton and Hove thousands of years before Brighton and Hove actually existed- LMAO.

Shock Horror-Red deer roamed the Forest.

2)"The Neolithic people lived on high grounds on Whitehawk Hill near the Race Course just a little to the South of the grandstand, and opposite the top of Freshfield Road, on the east the ground falls into Whitehawk Bottom"

Jesus the Race Course has been there since the stone age and they all lived in a cave on a nice housing estate opposite Freshfield Field.Either the author is as thick as shit or he is winding everyone up.I suspect the former rather than the latter.

3)"These immigrants belong to a culture known as Hallstatt after a place in Austria, they were refugees, displaced by war. They settled in Sussex. "

So Austrians and Swiss are black as well are they and they trudged all the way over to Calais and caught the ferry no doubt because they were refugees.Give me strength.

4)"The Saxons create settlements in Brighton and Hove. The City had many advantages for the early Saxon settlers, with it easy communication "
They particulaly enjoyed the direct train line to London which made commuting easy so they could enjoy living in multicultural diverse Brighton and Hove yet could pursue a career in the
Metropolis of Londinium.

It continues but I cant take any more please read and enjoy-it will Brighton (get it) an otherwise dull day.

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