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Monday, 6 December 2010

Climate data since 1659

As I am now a climate scientist I have decided to start up the Crowborough Climate Research Unit and do a bit of research into climate change.

Trying to find modern untampered data is pretty much impossible.The eco fascists like to produce lovely graphs showing whatever they want them to show.The actual temperature figures are closely guarded by the eco fascists because they release nothing until they have been"adjusted " to such an extent that the figures end up meaningless.Variance from average temperature records are a favourite because depending where you decide the average is depends on what the graph show and there is no one on this earth who can tell what an average temperature should be for any given time because of the huge number of variables involved.

I have however managed to find genuine mean yearly temperatures for central England compiled by G.Manley in 1974 and published in the Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society 100, 389-405.

The mean temperatures I am interested in are for the years 1659-1974 (when the data was published)which is ideal because in 1974 the climate change scam had not even been thought up.

Using the figures of over 300 years the hottest mean temperatures are for the years 1733,1736,1779,1868 and 1949.

Figures after 1980 are useless and subject to god knows what fiddling to prove that man made C02 is responsible for supposed warming.The later figures look even more dodgy when you consider that the consensus is that no global warming has occured over the last decade yet according to these figures central England would seem to have been subject to its own period of warming when the rest of the globe has remained static in terms of temperature and even cooled a bit.

So in summary there is no pattern to prove anything other than to say the climate is such a complex system that no one with half a brain can predict anything other than the figures have been well and truly cooked over the last twenty years to prove something that is simply not happening.

In short the whole theory is shot to pieces and has no basis in fact at all. Read the figures yourself and make your own mind up but dont take the word of people whose speciality is in history/politics but are adept at class one bullshitting.
The link actually works now.

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