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Friday, 3 December 2010

Lighter Later-another 10:10 front.

Lighter Later is campaigning for us to move over to Berlin time to make evenings lighter in order to save the childreeen and ickle baybees from being mowed down by drivers .

The campaign is getting a lot of press recently and the bedwetters are foaming at the mouth at the prospect of this being tried out.

Lighter Later is just a front for the bastards at 10:10 who advocated killing climate realists .

Just when you think organisations like 10:10 have been neutralised they pop back up like zombies-brain dead but persistent little bastards.

I know the zombies at 10:10 havnt thought of this but if evenings are lighter then mornings are going to be darker so the little childreeen will have to go to school in the dark and be mowed down earlier in the day.

The obvious solution is to take the kids to school in a great big 4x4 and crank up the central heating a few notches to keep that life giving C02 from being depleted.Either that or just keep your clock onto GMT during the winter and only use GMT when in contact with any of the fabian cock suckers in local/national government.


  1. Eco fascist bastards!

  2. I notice that "Franny and Co" have now taken away the comments sections to their bile - sorry blogs - so that we "the little people" have no voice to disagree with their plans regarding the glorious Eco revolution that they intend to implement.

  3. Free speech-a major contributing factor in exposing the bullshit that is C02 induced climate change/global warming.

  4. We need daylight in the mornings when the roads are still icy, people are still drowsy and everyone is travelling on the roads at the same time. In the evenings the roads will have been cleared and schoolchildren, commuters and shoppers will be travelling at different times...and everyone will be fully awake.

  5. Commie ecotwats like 10:10 will never allow themselves to be permanently neutralised - we'll just have to tear the vile bastards to shreds every time they raise their ugly heads.

  6. Like in Dead Rising 2 sometimes only a paddle with a chainsaw at each end will suffice.


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