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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Mark Lynas-Climate expert with a degree in History and Politics

Mark Lynas is a journalist "specialising" in climate change bollocks and an environmental fascist/activist who spouts his shite in the Guardian,Independent and New Statesman.

He is also in league with Franny(I am stupid) Armstrong infamous for the 10:10 film advocating killing climate realists.

Now you would think that someone like Mark would be highly qualified in the field of Chemistry and Physics at the very least to enable him to write about such a technical subject as to how an inert gas essential for life on earth could possibly have any influence on the temperature across the globe.

Well you would be wrong as Mark Lynas has (wait for it)a degree in history and politics which are not subjects you think about first when analysing and understanding a complex ecosystem .
Put it this way would you let a Doctor anywhere near you if they had a degree in Politics but talked a good talk as to how much they knew about how the body worked.

Given that I have got qualifications in physics , chemistry and geology I think that means that I am more qualified on the subject than supposed expert Mark Lynas. Judging by Mark Lynas's crappy little house and his crappy old car (yes he actually drives-what a fucking hypocrite) talking climate bollocks is obviously a great payer NOT.

So how can someone who has absolutely no understanding about what he is talking about be held up by the eco fascists as some sort of expert.
If this bullshitter is the best that the eco fascists can come up I have to tell them that it isnt good enough .

Climate change is a con and anyone with the little knowledge and understanding of the carbon cycle and C02 s role in sustaining life on the planet knows that its bullshit and bad science all rolled into one.Mark Lynas might like to refer to himself as an expert which I can agree with because in this instance ex means a has been and a spurt is a big drip.

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