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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Global Warming final solution.

Fucking hellski -we have had 5 inches of snow and as usual everything grinds to a halt.Checking out Whistler in Canada today and they have temperatures of minus 20 C with a couple of feet of snow and everything is running normally.

Why is it we put up with this every year.ESCC and Wealden council are totally useless and despite knowing for weeks that it was going to snow nothing has been done to keep us all moving.

The wankers in local government have bought the global warming myth hook line and sinker and cant see beyond their bollocky climate change agenda.If the cunts could bear to tear themselves away from wanking off over Al Gore for one moment and looked out the fucking window they would realise its cold and getting colder.I wonder how many people will die this
winter because the wankers in charge cant see common sense.Climate change alarmists have blood on their hands because for them money and power comes before common sense and humanity.Bastards the lot of them.
Personally I would round them all up and ship them to the North Pole with only a pair of flip flops and shorts each for clothes and watch them slowly freeze to death whilst being told-dont worry its the warmest year on record.

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