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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Recipe for freedom.

Like a good recipe everything was starting to come along nicely .All the ingredients had been mixed perfectly and a gentle heat applied to get things going.

The ingredients were chosen specifically to isolate and neutralise Britain so that their recipe for a federal EU state would come about.It was figured that if the heat was turned up a little at a time then we wouldnt be wise to what was going on until it was too late and by then our goose would be well and truly cooked.

Well over the last few weeks things have started to change.People are really really angry and getting angrier by the day.The Mussies abusing our soldiers raised the temperature from low to high and the Irish bailout has raised it to thermonuclear.

Speak to people and all they can talk about are the issues that are largely ignored by the mainstream media such as the mussies kicking off and us coughing up another 7billion plus of borrowed money to prop up another Euro basket case.
The euro nazis were almost there in that they had put everything in place to destroy us and our way of life hoping that it would be a done deal before we woke up to what has happened whilst the majority of the population had been asleep or watching big brother or I am a twat get me out of here.

So to get back to my cooking metaphor the UK is at the point where the pressure has increased and the very structure of the vessel is straining to contain the immense pressure within.We all know that sooner or later the vessel will fail but what we dont know is when or how.What we can be sure of though is when(not if) it goes off it is going to be messy and there is no way that the ingredients will ever be able to be put back in.

Perhaps its just me but around here I have never known such a tangible tension and anger among people in general over what is going on and the lies and misinformation put out by the media and government to cover up the fact that we have all been screwed over big time.


  1. I do hope that at sometime the blogosphere will get the credit for keeping the pot boiling.
    Thats assuming we havnt all been rounded up by
    the eurogendfor jackboot brigade.


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