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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Speed Cameras kill .

Authorities all over the country are deactivating their scameras because they cost money to run now the councils dont get a kickback percentage of the fines levied.

It started with Swindon and now authorituies all over the country have decided they cant be arsed to run speed cameras which rather exposes the lie that these cameras were road safety devices that daily save the lives of ickle children who would otherwise be mowed down in their thousands by people doing 80 on the motorway.If these scameras were installed purely to prevent accidents then surely the councils would continue to operate them at a loss in order to save lives of ickle children wandering around in the middle of the road.
This is where the pro camera argument falls flat because the second the money stops pouring into the council coffers the cameras are switched off.What has also screwed the pro camera looneys is the fact that in Swindon the number of accidents and fatalities have  decreased since the cameras were removed meaning that the cameras actually caused more accidents and fatalities than they stopped.

Predictably all the little hitlers from ACPO (private company) are going overboard with the misinformation that our roads are going to resemble a demolition derby because the scameras are gone.As for the little wankers that work for the scamera partnershits they had better start looking for proper jobs to do because the great speed camera scam has hit the buffers .Once the speed camera genie is out the bottle and people realise that accident rates have decreased by scrapping them there is no way ACPO(private company) and the scamera partnershits lies will ever be believed again.

Sussex Police who run the Sussex Scamershit will eventually fall into line when they run out of money and have to choose between Speed Cameras and new BMWs for everyone.Perhaps  Sussex Police will eventually realise that the trust that the public had in the Police has gone due to their quite discraceful war on motorists when murderers and rapists walk the street.The Police for too long have viewed the law abiding driving public as a cash cow to milk at every opportunity.Driving at a few miles an hour over the limit is not a crime its just a breach of an arbitary limit set by some jobsworth who thought that reducing a speed limit from 50 to 30 would be a good idea because it would mean more fines.Contrast the way motorists are treated with the way real criminals are treated and you get some idea how low our Police Farce has fallen over the last decade or so.The Police need a rocket up the arse to get them to tackle the real criminals in society rather than sitting around pressing buttons on a computer issuing illegal fines to people whilst tucking into their favourite doughnuts.If they spend half the time and effort in tracking down real criminals as they do harrassing motorists our towns and cities would be crime free.Realistically thats never going to happen is it because the Police are no longer a crime fighting force but an equal opportunity diverse organisation that prefers to ponce around Brighton with a bunch of gayers rather than tackling crime .

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