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Thursday, 1 July 2010

Mela Tunbridge Wells.

The Tunbridge Wells Mela is being promoted in the local area.

One of the selling points is that its free which means I assume all these "we value diversity as long as its not English" performers are doing it for nothing and all the organisers are doing it for nothing so we can all live together it harmony.

If you look a bit deeper you will find that actually the Mela is paid for by public sector organisations and rather sinister government funded organisations like cohesion plus.So in fact the taxpayer is paying for it all.
I am sure these organisations listed below that hand over public money are not doing it for the goodness of their heart.This event is a brainwashing exercise to make sure that everyone thinks and acts the way the liberal PC bedwetters want them to.So if you want to be told how to think then by all means go along and enjoy the Albanian Lesbian dance troups and dont let it worry you in the least that the taxpayer has paid for that dog kebab you are eating.Its a fact that anything the public sector arranges is shit-think back to the crappy PC millenium dome fiasco .
Perhaps the strap line  for the Mela should be come along and be brainwashed at the taxpayers expense.
Hopefully this will  be the last Mela if the Local Government cuts are as deep as they should be.I wouldnt be so sure though I can see the council meeting now.
"Right comrades we have lost half our budget and we have to make deep cuts in all Departments .Obviously our pay and perks are ringfenced so we will have to find savings elsewhere.The choice today  is shall we continue with rubbish collections or shall we continue withy the rubbish Mela.Well thats sorted then the rubbish collection service will be scrapped-those racist Tunbridge Wells white people dont deserve it anyway.If the poor oppressed Africans can live it their own shit then why cant the racist English.
Finally lets finalise the line up for Mela 2011-I believe Abu Hamza is free on that day and I understand he has some very interesting ideas about diversity and tolerance.Roz get him on the phone and see if he can make the new date because we have decided to change the date of the Mela to 23rd April 2011 which from now on will be known as Abu Hamza Day rather than that horrible racist St Georges Day."

Sponsors of Mela

Cohesion Plus-Council Funded Race Hate Group.
Kent Police-Council Funded.
Kent Equality Cohesion group-Council Funded.
Arts Council England-Public Funded Quango.
Applause Touring-Bollocky Council funded "Aaaarts Group"
Tunbridge Wells Arts Partnership-Council Funded PC Bollocks.
Kent Childrens Trust-Council Funded child indoctrination organisation.

Yep that sounds really FREE doesnt it.
If these organisations have enough of our  money to spend on this bollocks then they deserve to lose all their funding and see whether they can raise the money the normal way .
Lesbo Roz
"Is that Banklays Bark this is Tunbridge Wells Council.Can you lend us a few hundred thousand pounds so we can brainwash the residents of Tunbridge Wells about the miracle of multicultural society in order that we can replace the democratic system with something akin to Communism (well actually it is communism).I assume the usual terms will apply in that we can piss it all up the wall and not have to pay a penny back."

Banklays Bark
"Your taking the piss now fuck off.Beeeeeeeeeeep."

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