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Friday, 9 April 2010

Christ on a Bike what next!

Below is an extract from Crowborough Clown Council proposing the dedication of a tree for the "victims of domestic violence".Its already been established elsewhere that Sgt Etherington is of the useless bedwetting lefty persuasion but surely even he could see that this is just ridiculous.

Before you all start rolling your eyes and saying "he's off on one again" can I explain.

To people who are not local ,Canada Green is a small tended park with a line of trees along the footpath.Each one of these trees has the name of a Canadian soldier who died when a flying bomb landed on the Canadian camp on what is now the golf course during the War.These young Canadian lads came across the Atlantic to help defend us from the Nazis and ended up sadly getting no further than Crowborough.

For anyone to suggest that a tree on Canada green should be dedicated to some pissed waynetta chav who got a slap from an equally pissed wayne chav must indicate that they are out of their tiny little minds.What next allowing non travelling pikeys to set up camp on Canada green.

Sgt Etherington and the clown council have gone too far on this .Associating domestic violence with the war dead is insensitive and another step in the political correct destruction of Crowborough.

Tree planting to remember victims of domestic violence
Sgt. Steve Etherington was invited to speak and he advised that there were 863
incidents of domestic violence reported in Wealden during the year and two people
could come and speak if requested to do so, Graham Lindfield from the police and
Sandy Dennis from the County Council.
The committee considered an appropriate location and whether to plant a new tree
or dedicate an existing tree and Canada Green or the Bluebell Wood were
One things for sure-if you want to get on in the SussexPolice farce you seem to have to be as mad as a box frogs and have a liking to attending gay pride marches and consuming copious quantities of doughnuts.

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