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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Election is not a Chinese building.

The election has been announced and we have a month to make up our mind who to vote for locally and nationally.

I have yet to meet anyone who thinks 5 more years of Gordon the Moron is a good idea so thats the national situation sorted.

Locally is more complex.Do you not bother voting in the local council elections or do you vote for an independent or one of the smaller parties to upset the established applecart.I suppose you could just vote for the establshed candidate but that wouldnt be any fun would it.

Think before you vote because your vote is important.I fully support peoples right not to vote with the proviso that they dont moan when a power mad corrupt jerk gets in .

If you do have a postal vote make sure YOU post it yourself.Do not let anyone "help" you fill it in and certainly dont give your postal vote to anyone you dont know for them to "post".

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