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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Courier or Pravda ?

The local paper has always been a bit crap but its one redeeming feature used to be the online version where people could post their opinions on stories freely.

Councillors,Police ,drivers have all got a right pasting from some of the contributors and it always made an entertaining read.

Not any more though.Obviously the powers that be have decided that freedom of speech is not something to be encouraged in the Socialist Republic of Shitistan region of the EUSSR.The first nail in the coffin was the increasing use of moderating to stifle debate and censor comments.Anything that didnt pass the PC test was simply deleted.Then they decided that everyone had to register in order to post comments.This was done I believe to exercise control (socialists favourite word)over the contributors with the threat of banning anyone who overstepped the line and posted forbidden words like Muslim,immigration,Christmas,easter,pikey etc etc.After this happened the number of comments just melted away and the number of new "news" stories went the same way.Hardly any stories seem to make it on to the online version of the paper and the ones that do are of the the standard of "notice board banned for being fire hazard" which has been on for about a month now.
Another bastion of free specch destroyed by the lefty twats who spent too much time in college during the 70s smoking dope and reading Marx.
Because the online version is now so shite I am not going to buy the paper hard copy any longer.If they are going to start treating their readers like children then they will end up with less readers which obviously means less profits and less jobs.By trying to appeal to the retarded socialist bed wetters they are making a BIG mistake.

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