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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Crowborough Town Councillor.

My first profile of one of the local Councillors features Ex Mayor (it was his turn) Councillor Neil Waller.
I have mixed opinions about Mr Waller due to the fact that he stood up and said what he thought to people regardless of the consequences.He upset the town clerk whilst he was Mayor and was dragged in front of the standards committee of Wealden Council.I admire him for his stand for free speech but recently he seems to be keeping his head down and towing the official line on everything.Since his appearance in front of the Wealden Standards star chamber he has disappeared off the public radar sadly.It seems that both Wealden and Crowborough Town Council do not tolerate anyone going "off message" and any hint of non PC thoughts (non common purpose thoughts more like)are crushed and the thought criminal is then assimilated back into the hive.
Scores on the doors
Free Speech 8/10
Backbone 7/10
Staying Power 3/10
Integrity 6/10
Common purpose rating 2/10 (the higher the rating the more likely to be common purpose)
Wanker Ranking 3/10 (the higher the wanker rating the bigger the wanker)
So in summary-Has done well in the past but is failing to live up to his early promise.

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