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Saturday, 15 August 2009

Air Ambulance over Crowborough.

Been away to a far flung area of the country where they dont seemed to have grasped WiFi so I have been without internet access.

Came back to find that I had stirred up a hornets nest over the accident in Whitehill Road and the Sussex Air Ambulance.

Some crappy forum site has been whipping up the retards of Crowborough into a frenzy over what I said.To recap I stated that it was a waste of the Air Ambulances time to airlift someone with "non life threatening injuries"to a hospital in Essex! when it would have been quicker to go by Ambulance to the Kent and Sussex 10 minutes driving time away.If anyone can prove that I am wrong I will gladly apologise .Unfortunately the retards of Crowborough only seem to be able to read a couple of words at a time and cant understand those unless its written in txt spk or some such bollocks.

Some twat then went on to suggest that riding a moped into a parked car at 30 mph was entirely normal and the rider had nuffink to do wiv it and it was the parked car that was to blame.

No one seems to realise that we all have to take the consequences of our actions.If we get hurt while doing something stupid then there is no one else to blame but ourselves.I notice all the critics couldnt bring themselves to say thank you to the pilot and crew of the helicopter that came to the casualties assistance.Perhaps they could all do something useful like raising money for the air ambulance rather than ranting over what I said.

Click here to make a donation and put your money where your collective mouths are (innit wickid).

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