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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Tale of the French dwarf and the German Witch.

George Papandreou has had a nice little chat with the poisonous French dwarf
and the old German witch and he has now announced that he is not going to resign and the people of Greece will now not get a say on their future.Obviously threats were made and bribes offered in order to stall the prospect of democracy breaking out in Europe.Personally I cant see this going down well with the people or the military in Greece.
Hopefully the people across Europe will realise that the EU is now proven to be as undemocratic as the Nazis who thought up the whole project in the first place.
The old witch Merkel was right on one thing though by stating that this crisis could develop into a war.I too can see conflict in Europe on the horizon though not between states (I wouldnt totally discount EU "peacekeeping" troops being sent to Greece)but a war fought by the ordinary people of Europe against the overbearing ,undemocratic EU.
When push comes to shove I cant see troops from any European country being very keen to defend the EU proto state by shooting people who just want to live free.
The EU has now shot its bolt and everyone knows it.

What next? a military coup in Greece.

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  1. I thought the recently organised EU peacekeeping force the EGF was already in Greece 'training'.


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