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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Its always darkest just before the dawn.

A week ago the media was awash with stories about how the EU had solved its debt crisis and that everything in the financial garden was rosey.

What a difference a week makes.With the Greek default now certain given that there is going to be a referendum on the Greek "rescue" package.The plan seemed to consist of asking the Chinese to buy the EUs current debt so that more financial petrol could be poured on the raging blaze that is the eurozone.China has said no and its highly likely that the Greeks will say no to the "rescue plan" as well which will result in the implosion of the euro and the EU.

Click here for a summary of the situation as it stands today.

The whole world is in for a huge reality check over the next few months and we should all be prepared for the impending shit storm coming our way.
In the dark difficult weeks and months ahead we shall all be challenged but we should all remember that its always darkest just before dawn.The reward for all of us is that we will see the light of freedom emerging from the darkness that is the globalists socialist new world order.

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