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Sunday, 8 February 2009


Welcome to the residents voice blog.My aim is to provide a voice for the majority of residents of Crowborough who are not consulted by the council at local,district and county level .All too often the authorities waste taxpayers money on hairbrained pc schemes with no consultation to the general community.Minority interest groups are consulted and then awarded public funds without question.
The staff at all the councils have forgotten that they are public servants and should govern us as we see fit not to suit them.Public service means just that service for the good of the community not just those that shout loudest.Remember that they can only govern with the consent of the people and regardless of what "they" think we are all free born citizens of England and Crowborough and can excercise that freedom by speaking our mind without fear.
If you have anything to say at all about Crowborough or the country in general then post a comment here.If enough people express the same views I will then pass those views onto the local councillors.
As always we have a few ground rules.
1)There are not many rules.
2)You can post anything you like under any pseudonym .
3) There is no active moderation but I do reserve the right to delete posts if I find them offensive(I have no problem with swearing ).Other things I do have a problem with but you wont find out what they are unless you overstep the mark and abuse my no moderation policy.
4)ALL politicians , public servants etc etc are fair game.
5)This blog is for over 18s only.
Thats it really.


  1. I have been posting on the Crowborough forum site but it is very quiet over there.For whatever reason not many people want to comment on it.My theory is that it appears to be run by the Town Council and therefore a bit too partisan for them.
    Give them their due there is no pre moderation and they are very easy going about what you post although I have always kept my language tame.I hope people will be confident enough in the independence of this blog to post away about anything they like.The Courier run Crowborough News is terrible and moderated to death.Articles on things like the knitting circle is of no interest to anyone really.Try telling them that though and your comments will be pre moderated off.So much for free speech.

  2. At long last, I find a place to vent my spleen (if it hadn't been removed) and where the right of free speech is upheld.

  3. Thanks for the plug on the forum by the way.

    I hope people will blog about the things that really bug them about modern life.Although I will pass on any consistent concerns to the Council I have(and want) no connection at all with them.Although I want to give the local residents the chance to air their views anyone can post whether they live in Crowborough or not.
    I may even allow those people from Jarv** Bro**
    to post if they are good.No chavs,no under 18s and no pikeys .

  4. Thanks Mike vent away.

    Free Speech is a right that cannot be taken away.

    Jackboot Jackie Smiff might disagree but its my blog so she can F##k right off.

  5. You are free to post whatever you like about Corwoborough on as long as it maintains common decency standards and is not libellous. The only posts that have ever been removed are spam advertisers and even they have given up!

    The site was partially funded by the Town Council however there have no control over editorial content and personally I would like more contraversial comment on the site.

    My suspicion is that and indeed other sites on Crowborough (including potentially this blog!) suffer from the apathy that affects everything in the town. The lack of publicity doesn't help but that is linked to money and time, neither of which are in great supply!

    Anyway good luck with the blog, and hopefully this time I'll be able to post my comments as something went wrong on my first effort!


Comments and abuse equally welcome.