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Monday, 9 February 2009

Could this all be considered to be a waste of money.

Crowborough Town council is going to hold a fair trade fortnight for some reason.Why?

Crowborough Town Council supports a new skate park for the youth to vandalise.Why?

Crowborough Town Council gives money to clued up even though its run by ESCC.Why?

Crowborough Town Council is going to give out energy meters to families.Why?

Crowborough Town Council spending money on employing noddy pcsos.Why?

Crowborough Town Council has a huge amount of money to build a community facility.Why?

Crowborough Town Council supports a youth event proposed by some Youth Campaigner who wants the taxpayer to pay for it.Why?

The answer to all these questions is clear.The Town Council couldnt run a whelk stall and is intent on wasting money on schemes nobody wants but cant even keep the paths clear of ice.

Many councillors have been appointed without a vote and are now making decisions without any consultation with the public at all.Democracy it isnt.

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  1. There has been some information released about the community centre. See the form on the message board at where you are welcome to post your views, whether supportive or not. I have no doubt that Captain Swing will be making his views known on here as well! However be mice to see soome comments over the road too!


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