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Saturday, 28 February 2009

Money, Money, Money must be funny in a rich mans world.

The council is borrowing £300,000 pounds for public works following Gordon Mc Broons policy of spend spend spend even if you dont have it.

What benefit will we see for this money.

Well some of it will go in the Community Facility Fund never to be seen again(just like the facility itself).

Clued up will get another bung just like it does from the District and County Council.Nothing to do with the fact that the trustees are all council employees or actual councillors(Kay Moss and Sylvia Tidy)of course not.

New bus stops mustnt forget that.Who travels by bus anyway-only losers and tree huggers.They are not called loser cruisers for nothing.

So there you go before you know it 3rd of million has been pissed up the wall and nothing to show for it apart from a few new bus stops.Who will have to pay this loan back and any subsequent loans-not the councillors who seem to spend our money like a sailor on shore leave.

Yes thats right the council taxpayer will not only have to pay for todays spending but also for the loan repayment in years to come.

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