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Thursday, 5 March 2009

Crowborough Closed for Business

Crowborough High Street is cut off with roadworks.
What are the town council doing to help businesses survive the double whammy of recession+road closure.Well perhaps a notice saying that businesses are still open for business wouldnt be too difficult nor would a mention on the town council website.
Well perhaps if the councillors were less worried about fairtrade fortnight and more worried about Crowborough traders we might be getting somewhere.Fairtrade is a misnomer anyway as all it means is that you end up giving the local warlord extra money to buy extra AK47s.
Why should the consumer be forced to pay over the top for low quality goods just because it makes the local councillors feel good because they are doing something for the worlds poor.
I only hope they will extend that to the traders of Crowborough whilst there are still a few left.
The councillors keep going on about the visioning document even though they themselves havnt got the"vision" to look beyond the front door of the Town Hall.Isnt it time we got rid of some of the dead wood in the council.Some councillors like Mr and Mrs Moss seem to be on a crusade to save the world even though saving the world is not in their remit.Saving Crowborough traders should be a priority but until these councillors start doing their job and stop ignoring the wishes of the public nothing will be done and we will all suffer the consequences.Councillor Moss perhaps you could start by actually replying to emails sent to you-thats not too tricky is it?


  1. Whilst I am sure most Crowborough residents would agree that it is necessary to make the town more attractive to draw in new businesses and consumers, I find it extraordinary that money is wasted 'upgrading' what were a pair of reasonably safe and functional footways, when St Johns Road is breaking up at a rate of knots.

    It is becoming a danger to cyclists and motorcyclists in particular, and for motorists who either have to swerve to avoid the potholes or hit them and cause damage to tyres and wheels. I am amazed that there has not been a serious accident (or has there??). The surface has been poor for some time, but the last few months it has got beyond a joke.

    If councillors want to get rid of the empty shops in the High Street, what about getting rents and rates reduced?? I am sure that would be far more effective than fancy footpaths.

  2. The state of the roads in general are appalling.

    Despite the huge amount of council tax paid to ESCC,Wealden and Crowborough TC nothing gets done.
    Small holes become big holes pretty quick unless remedial action is taken.

    It shows the priorities of the idiots we have in charge when ripping up a perfectly good pavement takes precedence over keeping the roads in good order.

  3. Well those in charge of the project will say that the works are being funded by Morrisons from the agreement when they got planning permission. Does seem slightly bizarre though. You allow them to build a new store which they cut off from the High Stret, adversely affecting the retailers. You then allow them to cause the retailers further hardship by spending money redoing pavements!


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