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Friday, 27 March 2009

Nuffink to do round ere-lets smash something up.

AN INITIATIVE to entertain Crowborough youngsters at the weekends was praised by members of the town council.

Manager of Freedom Leisure in Crowborough Andy Jones and Michael Payne from the Cruisers Inline Hockey Club attended a meeting of the sport, recreation and cemetery committee to discuss their ideas for a roller disco.

It is hoped the event will help in the fight against anti social behaviour in the Goldsmiths area. The first disco is due to be held on Saturday April 4 at Freedom Leisure Centre, and will be trialled once a month for six months.

So holding a Roller Disco at the Goldsmiths leisure centre is going to stop the youths congregateing at the Goldsmiths leisure centre.Well that makes perfect sense NOT.

If I had my way I would entertain the youth of Crowborough with a kick up the arse.All they do is whinge about nothing to do but dont bother to do anthing worthwhile for other people.The school and clued up teaches them how to be a pain in the arse but doesnt tell them about their responsibilities to not make other peoples life a misery .We are breeding a generation of selfish youngsters who want everything laid on for them on a plate.Rather than doing good for the town in general they hang around in drunken groups with the intention of vandalising everything they come into contact with.

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