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Thursday, 12 March 2009

Mental Services.

Article from the Courier

WEALDEN District Council's plans for kerbside recycling could be under threat due to the drastic drop in the price of materials.
The plan to introduce kerbside recycling of five different materials across the district is under review due to the current market value of items such as plastic, aluminium and paper.
The first phase of the new recycling plan is due in October and was predicted to cost more than £700,000.
The idea was to offset this cost with the sale of the materials but the price of items has halved since September last year.
As a result, a delay, or reduction of the service is under consideration....

So all that crap about saving the world and landfills filling up was just rubbish(sorry).Wealden were doing it to make money and now its not viable they throw their toys out the pram.

Is it any coincidence that environmental services is nearly the same as mental services?

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