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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Annecy shooting-Speculation or coincidence.

Coincidences do happen in life but most times the  term is used to explain something that was deliberate in nature but considered too unpalatable to consider being anything than just a strange twist of fate.

Some events stretch the coincidence explanation  beyond the realms of possibility .

Take the Annecy shooting -if the story as told is to believed we would have to accept that  a family man from Surrey  on holiday with his family is gunned down along with his wife and another woman at random in France by persons unknown who also gunned down an innocent cyclist who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Possible I suppose  on face value but rather like trying to read a book with every other page missing we need more information to get the full story.We now have some more information to make a more accurate judgemnt on whether the coincidence explanation for the shootings is realistic or even plausible.

Firstly Saad Al-Hilli was not just a family man on a preplanned holiday with his family.

Al Hilli was known by the security services  because of his links to regimes in the Middle East hostile to the West and Israel and who are keen to obtain nuclear technology despite western sanctions working against them.

Al Hilli is Iraqi by birth but his father fled the country and ended up in the UK.

Al Hilli worked as an engineer in the aerospace industry  but despite this he had money in Swiss bank accounts and properties across Europe including the million pound house in Claygate and other properties in France,Italy ,Switzerland and Iraq.This raises the question why did he go on regular caravan holidays to France when he has property there and access to funds way beyond that of a humble Engineer.

The holiday was planned in a bit of a rush by all accounts and they picked up on the way another woman who was said to be Al Hillis mother in law but strangely was unknown as that by his children who would surely have know their own grandmother.

So far the story is plausible but verging on the unlikely.

Next however we must consider  at the same time and in the same general location in Annecy that Al Hilli  decided to take a short notice caravan holiday with his family and an unknown other woman a Frenchman(Sylvian Mollier) lived and decided to cycle to a remote parking area that Al Hilli and his family were waiting in their car.By apparent unfortunate coincidence Mollier was shot five times because he supposedly witnesses the shooting of Al Hilli ,his wife and the other unknown woman in their BMW.

The story is still plausible (just) but getting more and more unlikely.

What tips the coincidence theory over to not plausible and highly unlikely is the fact that "Mollier was not merely a keen mountain bike rider. He held a senior post with Cezus, a company based in the nearby small town of Ugine and owned by Areva, the giant multi-national that leads the way in the research and development of nuclear power.A spokesman told  he had been employed for many years as a senior production manager specialising in nuclear fuel cladding made from zirconium "

So by all appearance Al Hilli was acting as some sort of middle man to pass nuclear secrets from scientists like Mollier to Arab nations keen to obtain nuclear weapons technology.

Ok its a bit of speculation but more likely than the "in the wrong place at the wrong time coincidence theory".Sadly if Al Hilli,his wife and the unkown woman were bumped off along with Mollier to prevent the mad mullahs in the Middle East obtaining the capability to wipe the only non Arab nation in the middle east off the map then its unfortunate for their kids but better 4 dead than 4 million+ dead as a result of nuclear weapons being lobbed around.

Make up you own mind-read more onfo at Daily Mail online.

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