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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Online Agent Provocateurs and the Police-Freedom Perverts.

Stasi or social media.

The events below shows that the Police (specifically Sussex Police) use agent provocateurs online to entrap and spy on certain bloggers that they see as a threat to their cosy(for them) totalitarian regime .

Having challenged Sussex (Wealden) Police on Twitter about some of the lies they put out as facts over their stasi speedwatch scheme I suddenly got following me and posting tweets to me that were a bit strange to say the least.As he wouldnt communicate his thoughts in a coherrent manner I considered him to be a retard and blocked him from my twitter feed.Within days of blocking him my twitter account was blocked by stasi Sussex Police Wealden Section .

When I asked why they had blocked my account the Police stated that it was because I blocked someone.Bearing in mind is the only person I have ever blocked(and the fact that some of the tweets were forwarded to Wealden Police) it seems pretty certain that this account and probably others too have been set up to attack bloggers and dissenters.

I view it as a compliment that stasi sussex policy enforcement took the trouble to set up an account with the specific aim of targeting me after all flak is always heaviest when you are over the target.

I am sure we all knew this went on but this would seem to be definite proof.

Pass this on because its perhaps timely to remind bloggers that we are very much in the crosshairs of the ptb for spreading the truth about living in a Police state .The state uses social media to control the population whereas bloggers see it as something different entirely.Two opposing factions inhabiting the same online ground is not going to end in peaceful co existence in my opinion and the Police have made the mistake of showing their hand before hostilities have even broken out-big mistake .

So warning over-stay safe online but its not the sexual perverts you need to worry about its the freedom perverts that are more worrying.

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