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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Energy Companies and Jimmy Savile-screwing Britain good.

More price rises.

SSE’s price increases came into effect today after British Gas and nPower announced gas and electricity price rises on Friday. Now ScottishPower has announced it will increase prices by 7% from 3 December.

Like the other energy companies, ScottishPower blames the price increase on increased costs such as transportation and energy efficiency programmes.

Scottish Power,British Gas and NPower are putting up their prices again just before the winter so they can rake in the profits from the good old British consumer who supposedly has the benefit of a free market as far as energy supply goes.In reality its a cosey cartel whereby the largely foreign owned utilty companies companies stitch up the cost so it only goes one way and that is up.

Despite huge profits the energy companies always cite wholesale energy prices but this is just crap because when the whoelsale energy prices fall do we see a reduction in the retail price-do we fuck.

Scottish Power have let the cat out of the bag though because they cite transportation and energy efficiency programmes as the reason for the increase.Now lets think about that for a bit.Transportation first -gas comes through pipes and electricity comes through wires so the energy companies operating in this country have fixed transportation costs unless they have taken to transporting gas and electricity around in the back of a truck.So reason one is a load of bollocks lets now look at the more interesting reason 2 cited for the increases loaded on by Scottish Power- energy efficiency programmes.There you have it all those energy efficiency programmes such as putting 12 inches of insulation onto the exterior of your home or filling your loft space up with fibre glass "wool" is not going to save you a penny because they are just going to grab it back through more expensive energy prices.Why cant the idiots that want their house turned into insulated cube pay for it themselves rather than getting the taxpayer to pay for it via "grants".
These increases combined with the news that there has been NO increase in global temeperatures for the last 15 years means that the public are being screwed over again and again .The government screws us with ever higher taxes and then passes us onto the energy companies who screw us twice over by adding a notional climate change levy onto our bills and then increase the basic price by nearly double figures.Once they have finished arse raping us they then pass us back to government for them to have another go with VAT.

British Gas,Scottish Power and N Power are profiteering bastards egged on by the bastard government but this is only the beginning because like a BBC Jim Will Fix it party the prospect of
a bit more screwing the public will bring out all the other bastard companies in a deviant feeding frenzy for them to have their go at us.

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