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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

East Sussex County Council.

I am thinking of having a regular article on East Sussex County Council.

So much crap comes out of this organisation that there seems a never ending supply of stories that show ESCC up for the twats that they are.

Martin Fitzgerald the so called communications manager has said in the local paper that "East Sussex County Council is holding a reception for councillors, guests and partners from business, education and voluntary sectors".
This was part of the story about how councils are not having staff festive celebrations paid for by the taxpayer this year.Now excuse me but what is wrong with the staff paying for their own christmas party-when did it become acceptable for us to pay for their christmas jolly.
As for Mr Fitzgerald (communications manager) why dont you communicate your best wishes by sending your "partners" a christmas card paid for out of your inflated salary.
These cunts seem to think that they have a right to pilfer public funds in order to "network" for their own benefit.

See original article.

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