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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Wealden Council value your views (as long as they agree with theirs).

The Wealden Panel is made up of 1,100 residents from across the District who are representative in terms of age, ethnicity and gender. The residents' panel will be consulted regularly on local issues. Panel members' views will inform future policy and decisions about services.
In order to maintain a panel that is as representative of the District's population as possible, it will not be possible to volunteer to join the panel. However, the 'Have your say' page on our website highlights a range of opportunities for responding to Wealden's consultations.

This is an extract from the Wealden Council website about local residents having their say on Council services.The second paragraph says it all really that they rig the panel so that they always get the result they want.This is not consultation this is just information manipulation so that the council can say what a brilliant job they are doing and look at all these residents that agree.What they dont mention is that this panel is populated by placemen and local authority window lickers.Most residents will never get an opportunity to have their say because their views dont coincide with the approved newspeak shit that pours out of the council on a daily basis.
Wealden is always harping on about diversity and equality bollocks so how does the panel selection sit with this...

"The aim of the Wealden Equality Scheme is to set out how we will ensure that all our services and employment opportunities are provided with equity and fairness to everyone."

Once again its the old "we value diversity but if you have different views to us you can fuck off " ploy so favoured by the local authority twats we have running the local area.

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