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Wednesday, 30 December 2009


I have just looked on the Jobcentre website to do a jobsearch for a relative who has just lost their job.Rather than using the Jobcentre website to do the search you are redirected to a shite site called Directgov Jobs and skills search.Say what you will about the old Jobcentre jobsearch but at least it was user friendly and quick to search which cant be said for the new site.
The new site looks simpler than the old system but takes ages to do any searches.I started a search before writing this and it has only just come up with the results.Typically the Government has seen fit to "improve" something only to cock it up completely.No doubt Crapita or some other contractor has made a mint out of selling the taxpaying public a system that they think looks good(not my opinion) but does everything poorly.This could be a metaphor for modern Britains public services-overpriced but crap.Someone who commented on a previous post summed it up perfectly
"Due to letting the multi-headed Hydra of local government get rampantly out of control for so many years, you're going to be facing meagre US levels of services for astronomical Scandanavian levels of taxation."


When I checked the results of my search that took so long to appear it became clear that the search facility is rubbish.I asked for a particular type of job within a reasonable distance of Tunbridge Wells and the first result of many unsuitable jobs was based in
Lewisham FFS.Thanks DWP now I know why many people refer to you as the Department of Wankers and Pillocks .That ladyboy Mrs Balls seems to be in charge now so what else can we expect,Balls by name Balls by nature.

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