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Thursday, 30 June 2011

How to Bake a Green Cake.

When you bake a cake sometimes you follow the ingredients to the letter and it turns out shit .Having a recipe for baking a perfect cake is no real help because there are so many variables and even a slight variance of quantities can make all the difference between scrummy and shit.It matters not how many times you repeat the process because each time slight variables within the quality and quantity of ingredients and the temperature /duration of the cooking will affect the final result.
Imagine you had never baked a cake before but you wanted to always bake the perfect cake.Your friend who has also never baked a cake before comes up with the perfect solution of creating a computer model that would simulate the cake baking process.
The problem is that no one knows what goes in a cake and how it is prepared and cooked.Well the solution is simple just program your simulation so that whatever ingredients you use it always produces the perfect cake.Sump oil mixed with rice crispies and salt and vinegar crisps baked in a virtual oven for 30 seconds at 30 degrees will produce the computer simulation of a perfect cake.
You decide that you have perfected the virtual aspect of it so nows the time to bake in real life.Time after time you try different ingredients in variable amounts and cook for random times at various temperatures but still it comes out shit.You cant understand why this is not working because the model produced perfect cake every time.
This is exactly the process that goes on at the Hadley Centre and other climate change fairytale organisations to produce the results that shows that the world is warming because someone up the road has a Range Rover.As with any modelling program if you put crap in then crap will come out,it might be slightly different crap but it will still be crap .
The simple way to measure the average temperature across the globe would be to measure the temperature at various locations across the globe the same local time everyday for several years.If the average temperature shows an alarming rise year on year then thats the time to start worrying .
The alarmists however have a better idea that avoids all that inconvenience of having to measure things over a long period of time .They just invent a model that always says the world is warming regardless of what data you put in.Because the model doesnt need real world data to make it work the model is accepted as perfect .The alarmists are happy it always produces the desired result of a  a warming trend so therefore can use it to predict global temperatures decades in the future.
So the next time you read the global warming crap that comes out of the mainstream media daily remember that the guesswork that produces a  3 degrees increase in temperatures by 2050 ish is the equivalent of putting sump oil ,rice crispies and crisps in an oven and hoping that a perfect cake pops out.

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