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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Man Made Global Cooling.

Dr Robert Kaufmann renowned weirdy beardy and climate change zealot has let the cat out of the bag today.He has admitted that the global climate is not warming at all and hasnt done for quite some time.In fact he goes a bit further and proclaims that because the expected warming hasnt occurred something must have offset the temperature rises.Dont get the impression that Kaufmann and his eco looneys have seen the light and come round to the accepted view that global temperatures are influenced by the sun and its variable activity rather than minute changes of an inert gas in the atmosphere.Excuses have to be found to explain this lack of warming or else the lucrative money go round will come to an abrupt halt and Kaufmann and his mates wont be able to charge $108 for a book on their addled thoughts .
The explanantion that has been speedily thought up is that ....wait for it...the emissions from Chinas rapidly expanding coal fired power generation plants which we have all beeen told is going to cause us all to burn to a frazzle is actually cooling the earths climate down!!.I dont really understand the logic either but I suppose if you paint yourself into a corner over manmade C02 warming and there is no warming you will have to think pretty quickly to explain it away without admitting the whole theory of man made warming or cooling is a crock of crap.
We will see a whole lot more of this rubbish from Kaufmann and his ilk because the sun is going into an extended period of low activity which will definitely cause a real drop in global temperatures for perhaps decades to come.We are witnessing the death throws of a failed pseudo scientific theory which seems to support the fact that tiny changes in the atmosphere over China can change the whole globes temperature upwards or downwards depending on what nuthouse theory you are following this week.
Still what can you expect from someone who proclaims to be a climate scientist but doesnt look beyond the confines of the earth and take into account the source of the heat and energy being put into the global weather system.Only to be expected though if you rely on an expert in economics and energy policy to explain something as complicated as the global climate.
Why are so many of these zealots economists? well who do you think came up with the idea to tax the very air that we breathe .

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