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Friday, 8 July 2011

The appliance of science.

A typical eco friendly High Street.
The teaching of science in this country is nothing short of a disaster.Most schools seem to think that showing Al Gores fiction  "an inconvenient lie" without comment or question constitutes science.The understanding of everything is underpinned by science but without a basic knowledge of scientific prionciples nothing can be understood. How many youngsters leave school with a nominal science qualification but with no understanding of the basic scientific principles that help us interpret the world around us.Too much emphasis is put on accepted "wisdom" rather than learning through the process of validating theories through experimentation.It has been decided that man made climate change exists and that is the end of it.There are no experiments  taking place in schools and universities into the science behind this theory its just presented as fact. Science has an impact on every aspect of our life but people have been brainwashed into not questioning and not thinking for themselves.

A case in point was an article in a local paper about dangerous levels of NO2 levels in the high street of a local town.The local green councillor used the figures published to put forward an argument for banning cars on the road to bring down the  NO2 to "safe levels" .The reporter happily cut and pasted the Eco Fascists statement without question adding even more spin to indicate that unless cars were banned everyone in the town would die a horrible death quicker than you could say Nitrogen Dioxide.I travel through this town  most weeks and I thought it strange that the NO2 levels should be so high in the High Street of a rural Kent town .Knowing that these figures couldnt be correct I spent 10 minutes or so looking up the figures only to discover that the figures had been totally misrepresented.Although Ms Eco fascist and Ms Reporter had stated figures as fact quoting them as ppm the councils actual figures were represented using the  µgm-3 gaseous unit of measurement .Even a scientific illiterate could see that the figures and the article as whole was a complete fabrication because in typical dumb down fashion the air monitoring website had a traffic lights system of green (low) amber (medium) and red (death) to illustrate the air quality at the sites of the monitoring stations.At no time this year has the level at this particular site gone above low for NO2.The trouble is the readers will not be aware of this lie and will swallow the figures hook line and sinker and rush to support the closing down of the high street  in the name of green eco fascism.
I have posted a comment on the story to say that the figures are wrong but I dont expect them to stay there very long.

The moral of the story is believe nothing and learn everything.


  1. Over in the USofA the level of scientific understanding is even more abysmal.
    Barack Obama likes 'climate science' and and anyone who questions Obama is a racist. Ergo anyone who questions the official, government approved climate science line is a racist. Yep, I have actually read that opinion expressed in a public forum

  2. Thanks Ian
    Most climate "scientists" are economists and dont have a clue about anything other than making it up as they go along.
    Climate realists over here I am sure would be labelled racist if it would stick but are more often than not referred to as extremists.Its getting more and more like the inquisition whereby you are not allowed to voice anything pro science because it is viewed as heresy against Al Gores new religion.
    Truth are lies and lies are truth in the post democratic new world order.


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