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Monday, 18 July 2011

Paul Stephenson resigns.

I have struggled to get that excited by the News of the World hacking enquiry.My view was that it was orchestrated to harm News Internationals bid for BSkyB with the added bonus of giving Rupert Murdoch a good kicking. The problem is that when you start digging around all sorts of nasty stuff comes to the surface like scum.
Things were being played out as expected in that the Met Police led by the not so closet marxist Stephenson rounded up all the journalists whilst conveniently ignoring the fact that it was members of the Police that had given the journalists the phone details in the first place in return for cash.No Police have been arrested as yet even though Police corruption is a far bigger story to those outside Westminster than journalists phone hacking.Stephenson has now resigned even though he maintains he has done nothing wrong in a hopefully futile effort to avoid prosecution.I am not holding my breath though that the full truth will come out because this whole event has exposed corruption in the highest level of the state and that simply cant do can it old boy.
Regardless of the outcome it makes a good spectacle watching it all come tumbling down in spectacular fashion especially when the most Senior Officer in the states repression arm looks as corrupt  as any third world Police chief.This is not the end of this story but the cockroaches are on the run now the light is starting to be shone onto their dirty little world.


  1. CP have other candidates waiting in the wings, expect Mr. Orde to give forth very shortly.

  2. Whats the odds on a false flag terror incident taking this story off the front pages anytime soon.


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