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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Wealden Council -officially fairly useless.

I think its accepted that Wealden Council are pretty useless at everything other than making a mess up of everything they come into contact with.
Even the Audit Commission could only give Wealden a fair marking which in the outside world would be the equivalent of crappy crap crap shit level of service.

I had to laugh when I got an invite from Wealden to a business breakfast at the Buxted Park Hotel to explain to us plebs how to use social medjia at a cost of £10 a head.

I am not sure how many people attended because I thought I could more constructively use the 2 hours and didnt bother going .This seems typical of wealden in that they as public servants think they know more about everything than people who actually earn a living by doing something useful rather than harrassing people who leave their bin open an inch .

Why anyone would want to take advice about marketing from a public service organisation that by the Audit Commissions (very very low) standards can only achieve a "fair" is beyond me.

Typically when you check out the dire Wealden website there is no twitter feed or any mention of facebook at all so how could they possibly give advice to people about using social medjia when they dont use it themselves.Oh I forgot Wealden doesnt need to market themselves because they get squillions of pounds handed to them on a plate to add to the squillions that they take off the public and businesses of Wealden under the threat of jail if  they object.

Wealden and fucking useless go together like their £10 egg and bacon breakfast.

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