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Monday, 20 September 2010

Sussex Police -operation crackdown.

Sussex Police have had a well deserved kicking over their  stasi inspired operation crackdown initiative whereby members of the public are encouraged to grass up people they dislike under the pretence of reporting poor driving standards.

Sussex Police are keen to ponce around Brighton proclaiming  how much they enjoy taking it up the tailpipe but seem to have abdicated any responsibility for doing any proper policing.

We are being constantly told how dangerous Wealden roads are and how speeding contributes to most accidents (both lies by the way) but when it comes  to cracking down on dangerous drivers they are just not bothering to do anything.Sussex Police roads unit are notoriously lazy and cant be bothered to stop people driving in a dangerous manner lest they have to actually do some work.Much better(for them) to stay put in their nice new BMWs and wait for the ANPR to ping or to stay at the nice warm station sending out PCNs for people doing 43 in a 40 limit.

Poor driving is to blame for most accidents not speed so by concentrating on speed cameras they are completely missing the point on road safety by a country mile.A nutter driving like an idiot or someone driving pissed are pretty much guaranteed to have an accident and hurt someone else but the Police are not interested unless a member of the public spoon feeds them the exact details of the person and car .As long as the pissed/nutter driver drives within the speed limit  and his car is legal he will probably get away with it.
Whilst the plod is sitting around using the ANPR as a cash generating machine they are unlikely to be spotting the person tailgating,overtaking dangerously or just acting a cunt because they are unlikely to be doing this in view of a staionary plod car.The truth is that someone travelling 10/15mph over a speed limit will 99% of the time not hurt anyone or cause damage to anyone or any property but are treated with zero tolerance by our
useless Police .People driving dangerously or without care and attention are guaranteed to cause an accident or damage to someone or someones property at some time but are not targeted by the Police because it would require more than sitting around eating doughnuts and waiting for the ANPR beep to wake them up from their semi slumber to do something about it.

Operation crackdown perhaps should be renamed operation breakdown because the repect that people had for the Police has certainly broken down as a result of initiatives such as this which was thought up by some shiny arsed common purpose graduate in between wanking off over a stasi instruction  manual.

Just as an aside

Sussex Police have updated their website so its all user friendly and shiny (like their BMWs)but basically useless (like them)but have retained the scrapped policing pledge-are they useless twats or what.

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