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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Sussex Police -soft on crime, tough on plane spotters.

Sussex Police are  on a bit of a power trip at the moment.Given that they face huge cuts in their budget you would think that they would concentrate on their core service of serving and protecting the general public by catching crims .That would be too easy for plod though wouldnt it and would involve those involved in front line services actually doing something useful rather than just sending out speeding tickets and issuing cautions.
Sussex Plod have decided  that although ID cards have been scrapped there is a group within the county that needs monitoring and registering lest they cause mayhem.
The group I am talking about are not the mussies or pikeys but plane spotters.Yes the Police want plane spotters at Gatwick to "voluntarily" register their details with them so they know who they are and when asked they are to produce a special plane spotters ID card. Although not a plane spotter myself I have taken my kids up to the viewing platform many times(before it was closed) to watch the planes take off and land.I have come across many plane spotters and none of them seem to be a threat to anyone nor a very good deterrent against a hardened alki aida attack.
So what stasi twat thought that registering plane spotters and giving them an ID card which they must produce when asked was a good idea.That person is Richard Griffiths of Gatwick Police station who should have an ID card with twat written across it in huge red writing just in case anyone was in any doubt .
Who in their right mind is going to give the Sussex rossers their personal details so they can be held on some secret database managed by the like of the clinically insane Mr Griffiths to do with as he pleases.

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