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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Martin Richards-overpaid and overdue for the chop.

Sussex Police, which last month announced plans to axe 500 front-line officer posts, pays chief constable Martin Richards a salary of £144,510.

Nearly 150K to sit around doing nothing other than using public facilities to network with his fellow common purpose graduates!!!
Useless public servants used to be moved sideways into a job like being in charge of paperclips or similar where a fuck up would have no impact on the public.These days useless individuals like Martin Richards are given senior positions and a sack full of money to actually fuck up the public service they are nominally in charge of.

Roll on elected chief constables and we can hopefully wave goodbye to socialist social engineering common purpose graduates twats like Richards for good.

Mind the door on the way out Richards.

There follows a profile of a man that has not done a days proper policing work in his whole career.He started as a graduate recruit and went straight into senior positions with Warwickshire Police , within twelve years he became CC of Wiltshire and lucky old Sussex was next in line for his common purpose improvement by destruction method of running a Police service.

The fact that he doesnt know one end of a Police car from another doesnt stop him poncing around in his top of the range BMW (why does he need those blue lights in the grille).All in all a useless waste of oxygen who gets paid way too much for his well hidden talents.

Martin Richards became Chief Constable of Sussex on 1 October 2007.

After graduating from Bristol University Martin joined Warwickshire Police in 1982, serving across all geographical areas in the Force.

His command positions included District Commander at Nuneaton, Head of Communications, Performance Review Manager and a short period as Head of CID. He served for two years in National Police Training as Head of Recruit Training Centre at Ryton-on-Dunsmore.

He achieved a Masters in Criminology at Cambridge University before being promoted to Assistant Chief Constable at Avon and Somerset Constabulary in 1998 where his key responsibilities were Personnel and Training, Criminal Justice and Communications. He was promoted to Deputy Chief Constable in 2002, taking on responsibility for Professional Standards, Corporate Development, Communications and Information Services.

He is the Chair of the National Training Managers Group and represents the Association of Chief Police Officers on the Police Dependants’ Trust. He has recently overseen the national implementation of IPLDP – the new programme of training for all recruits accepted into the Service.

Martin was appointed Chief Constable of the Wiltshire Police in September 2004. During his time in this post he oversaw ‘Optimus’ a 12 month programme of modernisation and reform within the Force. He was also the Chief Officer lead on collaboration for all five Forces within the South West region.


  1. I just wish that Martin Richards would reply to written complaints. He promised me a response back at the beginning of May 2011, but I am still waiting despite sending numerous reminders - all of which have been ignored.

  2. Like you I am still awaiting a response from Richards QPM over written complaints about his Police Officers. He promised and stated he was arranging a meeting in 2010 with an Inspector which never happened or was indeed followed up. What a man we have to run Sussex , no wonder the Officers within Sussex are corrupt. From the top down. Let's hope the I.P.C.C sort this lovely local man schooled in Worthing out this time, for good! Chief Constables are out of date.

  3. Maybe there’s far more to the convenient retirement of Mr Richards than has been revealed.

    Cerca trova !

  4. A contact has just confirmed that the Chief Constable of Sussex ( Martin Richards ) has been under investigation for misconduct for over two months, but that it has been concealed from the Commissioner, to apparently ease his passage into retirement.

    Cerca trova !


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