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Monday, 11 October 2010

Oink Oink ,Nick Nick, Munch Munch

Police were hiding behind a broken down van in East Hoathly today with a speed camera doing what they do best ie not much.

About 30 minutes later I came back along the same road and they were nowhere to be seen until I got a bit further up the road near the turn off to Bentley wildfowl trust and there were the coppers in their natural environment munching bacon sarnies at a road side greasy spoon at 10.30 in the morning!!.

Its no wonder all the plods you see are overweight if the only exercise they get is to lift a speed camera every now and then is it.

Catch real criminals-you must be joking fat pigs will fly before that happens.
To add something to this story bear in mind that whilst the fat pigs of Sussex Police were stuffing their faces with crap a farmer was run over and killed when he tried to stop burglars.
Also bear in mind that this person contacted the Police several times about thefts and the Police did nothing because they were busy hiding their fat lazy arses in bushes catching evil motorists doing 52 in a 50 limit.
Whats the difference between Sussex Police and a bucket of crap-at least the bucket is useful for something.

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