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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Chris Bowers

Chris Bowers -who is he I hear you ask.

Well he is a local Limp Dem nobody who wanted us to vote for him at the last election to represent our views at Wealden Council.

If you read his blog his views seem to be more socialist labour than limp dem so it comes as no surprise to note that the residents of wealden said thanks but no thanks.

His blog uses blogger and has the typical comments tool to allow you to make comments on his posts.When you make a comment however a message comes up to say that your comment will appear after approval!!!.Like a child who sticks his fingers in his ears and goes lalala loudly Bowers doesnt seem to want to listen to other points of view that may not fit his weirdy beardy sandal wearing progressive hogwash political beliefs.

I have posted a couple of comments (all very polite) and I will let you know what response I get.

If you want a go then visit his blog by clicking here

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