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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Vote for Freedom and interesting times ahead.

Have you ever thought of becoming a councillor?
As a councillor you can influence the decsions that directly affect your community and environment and help shape the future.
In May 2011 there will be an opportunity to stand for election to Crowborough Town Council and to Wealden District Council.
Find out more at the Council Offices, Pine Grove on Monday 1st November between 3.00pm and 8.00pm.

The above was on the the Crowborough town council website (spelling mistakes and all).

Do they really think that anyone who wants to represent their community on the undemocratic star chamber that is Crowborough TC would not have the intelligence to have thought it through and decided to stand without having to visit Pine Grove so they can give you the thumbs up.

The great thing about a democracy is that any fucknugget can represent you as long as they can get more people to vote for them than the opposition.

We all know what the council does and quite frankly we dont like it .We need someone to stand and get voted in on the understanding that they would stir up the council and make it more democratic not someone who will toe the line and agree anything as long as there is a drink in it for them.

Watch out council because I am considering standing myself and if you think I am going to be vetted by a bunch of twatty no hopers you are clearly barking up the wrong tree.

Believe me if I get voted in things will change and it will definitely be more interesting in the council meetings.

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