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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

ADHD -bad bahaviour excused.

What is it with ADHD these days.This fictional condition seems to be a get out of jail free card for all the little shits that are only lacking a bit of discipline .
Strangely this condition only seems to affect the spawn of the chavs and halfwits.Children of normal families seem to be immune from this condition.

Get some halfwit foreign health worker to label your ill disciplined badly behaved kid as having ADHD and you are set up for life.

If the little shit nicks something its...."eee cant elp it ees got ADHD."

If the little shit vandalises something its ..."eee cant elp it ees got ADHD"

In fact anything he does is not his fault "cos ees got ADHD"

Schools are just as bad because they are more interested in chasing the extra money these shits have on their head that they are willing to put up with any behaviour to keep trousering the extra money they get for having a shit with ADHD in their school.

God help you if you are a decent parent and your kid is in the same class as some chav genetic throwback with a chip on his shoulder.The little shit with ADHD will basically spoil the other kids education and bully any kids they see as an easy target all because "ee as ADHD".

We like to teach our children that the correct thing to do, if bullied, is to tell a teacher and everything will be OK but sadly in modern schools that just isnt the case.Schools will take no action over bullying if the little shit bullying has ADHD..Your child has to suffer being bullied because everyone in authority is scared to act because "ee as ADHD".

We also like to say to our kids that if someone is bullying them the thing to do is to rise above it and dont go down to their level and respond.

ADHD little shits have become a special group protected by the full force of the state in the same way mussies, pikeys and spazzers have become.

Sadly the only advice decent parents can give their child in these times is to stay away from the little shits "that av ADHD" and any bullying behaviour from the little shits should be met with swift playground justice.


  1. you are a moron and an unsavoury onr at that, as alwaysthis tosh is spouted from the mouth of someone who has no knowledge of what they are talking about. go do some research or perhaps a neuroscience primer or perhaps look at the 100 years of evidence available. you sad reactionary ill informed arrogant idiot

  2. As if I am going to take any notice of someone who cant even grasp the simple concept that a sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a full stop.
    If you could come back with a constructive cogent argument in English as to why I am wrong
    you may just raise yourself IMO above the level of illiterate chav.


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