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Thursday, 28 January 2010

Sussex Scamera Partnershit

Job Vacancy .


The Sussex Safer Roads Partnership aims to reduce road casualties by enforcing speed limits, traffic light compliance and educating road users. We have a vacancy for a highly motivated, committed and energetic individual to undertake the role of Camera Data Collection and Mobile Enforcement Officer.
Why you need to be energetic I dont know when all you do is press a button every now and then,its not exactly a hard job but you do have to attend a training course to show how you can increase the indicated speed of cars by moving the laser slightly (come on guys we all know what goes on).

I was under the impression that the partnership was not biased towards the motorists at all (thats what Neil Hopkins said in a previous post).The above vacancy was advertised on the Police website as a civillian Police worker.So we have the Police paying the scamera operators and the Police employing the backroom staff to do the paperwork.You then go to court and surprise surprise you have to rely on another arm of the Partnership to get a fair hearing .

That doesnt sound like an organisation thats unbiased towards the motorists to me.

Still no reply from Mr Hopkins from Sussex scameraship about one of his vans driving at above the speed limit down Crowborough Hill.Obviously the rules only apply to the little people.


  1. Civil courts of this land do not constitute a fair and impartial tribunal in accordance with article six of the european convention on human rights

  2. I know that,you know that but unfortunately they dont.


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