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Sunday, 10 January 2010

Sussex Police love peeling spikeys (sounds like thieving pikeys)

A wealthy businessman was arrested at home in front of his wife and young son over an email which council officials deemed ‘offensive’ to gipsies – but which he had not even written.
The email, concerning a planning appeal by a gipsy, included the phrase: ‘It’s the 'do as you likey' attitude that I am against.’

Council staff believed the email was offensive because ‘likey’ rhymes with pikey.

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Proof if proof were needed that Sussex Police are politically correct spikey(sounds like pikey)loving bankers(sounds like wankers).This is what happens when the Police become politicised and recruiting standards are reduced to allow any window licker in.Isnt it time the front line coppers got off their fat passes(sounds like arses) and got on with the job of catching criminals.At the moment the Police (sounds like twats) are more interested in criminalising law abiding citizens and worrying about who is going to use the rapid response vehicle to get the doughnuts.


  1. Has anyone else noticed that 'Council Official' rhymes with 'thick incompetent over-pensioned tosser'


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