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Monday, 4 January 2010

Kent Police and illegal parking.

(not a current picture but you get the point)

I had the misfortune to park in Tunbridge Wells yesterday.Even though it was Sunday the council charges £1 and hour to park in the crappy Crescent Rd Car park.Today I drove through Tunbridge Wells and the parking nazis were out in force ticketing anyone and everyone.Well actually thats not true because yesterday and today there were cars illegally parked outside the Police station.The difference being is that the cars were Police cars which were parked on the double yellow lines actually blocking the road.No tickets for them and no Nazis in sight.Obviously the head of parking enforcement and the senior Police Officer are in the same lodge(nudge nudge).If I ever get a parking ticket in Tunbridge Wells I will be claiming the same exemption as the rossers and not pay up.I would urge everyone to ignore the parking regulations in Tunbridge Wells until the Police cars are given tickets like the rest of us.
Before anyone comes up with the answer that the Police do a difficult job blah blah then please note the huge yard behind the Police station that is supposed to be used for official vehicles.I suppose most of the Police are so lazy these days that they cant be bothered to walk a few yards and risk the danger of their hot doughnuts getting cold.

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  1. Website hit from Kent County Council followed about 5 minutes later with a hit from the Police network Cheltenham.I didnt realise they would take illegal parking in Tunbridge Wells so seriously.


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