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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Crowborough Town Council

I am posting information about the councillors who supposedly stand and represent the residents of Crowborough.

I am splitting the councillors into groups so people can see those who have been voted in and those who have been given the job but havnt been voted for because the ward was uncontested.
The final group are those that have been co opted onto the council and I shall call that group the Peter Mandelson group after the biggest twat ever to NOT be elected to office in this country.

Firstly we have the democratically elected councillors who have been elected by the residents of Crowborough in the elections in 2007.

Philip John Fermor 816 votes
Anita Kerwin-Nye 654 votes
George Moss 805 votes
Mark Jack Symons 763 votes
Kay Jane Moss 979 votes
Liz Scott 867 votes
Neil Harry Waller 517 votes

Next we have those councillors that were(we assume) willing to stand for election but because not enough people stood have never actually been democratically elected.

Peter John Cowie Not voted in.
Julian Phillip Salmon Not voted in.
Sandra Evelyn Timms Not voted in.
Mick Hall Not voted in.
Colin Geoffrey Stocks Not voted in.
Paul Adams Not voted in.

Next we have the Peter Mandelson Group.This list consists of all the chancers that have not had the guts to face the electorate and have been co opted onto the council.We can only guess the criteria for deciding whether these people are suitable people to represent the residents of Crowborough .Democracy is about letting the people decide who represents them and governs over them.To put it into perspective Hitler was voted into power initially whereas these people have not been.

Leigh Colbran Co opted.
Damian McAlonan Co opted.
Clive Wilson Co opted.
Tatjana Keenan Co opted

I have already mentioned Ms Colbran who stood to be elected in 2007, failed to gain enough votes only to pop up as a co opted councillor at a later date.
The next chancer is Damian Mc Alonan who is the Crowboroughs equivalent of the invisible man.No one knows anything about him except that he hasnt been voted in and seems to make a habit of not attending council meetings.I understand from my contacts that he works in advertising so you can be sure he has stupid letterbox glasses , speaks management talk and does a lot of networking!!!
The final chancer is Clive Wilson who runs some sort of eco shit building design company.
Before he was co opted as a councillor he was already a co opted member to advise on planning.I would read nothing into the fact that he managed to get planning permission to build a 10 bedroom! mansion on the edge of the Ashdown Forest which is still in the not built phase of construction.If it does ever get completed I cant see anyone wanting a house that backs onto Crowborough Army Camp unless they have an interest in studying the undercarriage of Chinook helicopters at close range.

Update...Tatjana Keenan has been co opted onto the council.Wannabe politburo member with a background in scientology so there must be doubts about her sanity.

So there you have it our Town council has just 7 elected councillors out of a total of 16.

This must mean we are now in the post democratic age that nutters like Julia Middleton of Communist Purpose keeps going on about.


  1. This weeks Courier has him drawing the plans for the new community centre. I expect that was freebie, maybe it helped him getting planning on his new 10 bedroom mansion.

    how big does his trough need to be!

  2. Something stinks about Clive Wilson being co opted onto the council as a planning consultant and then getting planning permission for his hideous mansion.

    To rub salt into the wounds he is co opted as a councillor and then gets the job designing the CCA.

    A local troughing pig if ever there was one.


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