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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Sussex Police Authority

Does anyone think its strange that Sussex Police Authority is registered as a company with companies house?

Does anyone think its equally strange that they have an unresolved CCJ judgement against them?

No! good-thats all right then.

I also think its pretty strange that Sussex police authority swallowed £237,000,000 for the year 2007/2008.What do they spend all this lovely wonga on I hear you ask.
It seems that we are funding 3118 proper coppers and 2420 useless PCSOs .Some town councils fund their own PCSOs so the ratio of PCSO to proper coppers could be 1:1 which is pretty disturbing.In Crowborough the Police rely on the PCSOs and then moan they havnt got enough manpower to deal with real crime issues.Perhaps if the powers that be decided to abolish the post of PCSO and use the money saved to employ more proper coppers they would then have sufficient manpower to Police the towns effectively 24hrs a day.This will never happen though because the PCSOs are useful for all the little social engineering jobs that help community cohesion or some such bollocks.

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  1. Building on the information gained through community engagement, we have introduced new counter terrorism staff who will work with neighbourhood teams to gather local intelligence.

    The above extract is from the local Policing plan.
    What it means in practice is that the "friendly"
    PCSO is nothing more than a stasi agent tasked with identifying people with (in their opinion) radical views so their details can be passed on to counter terrorism staff.How long will it be before you get a knock on the door for being a climate change "denier" or expressing non PC views.


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