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Thursday, 19 November 2009

Crowborough Town Council-Undemocratic sham.

Above you can see the picture of one of our town councillors (Leigh Colbran).

A representative of the people of Crowborough voted for by the people of Crowborough you would think.

This democratically elected representative has been appointed chairman of the communications and events comittee presumably because she is the best "person" for the job.

When I looked up the last town council election results I am left in some doubt whether Leigh is actually an elected Town Councillor at all.

Look at the results detailed below.

Crowborough Town Council - Crowborough North Ward

357 votes

8.88% Not Elected

So there you have it -someone who only got 8.88% of the vote and not elected somehow manages to be appointed as a councillor.

Perhaps someone could enlighten me how this can be democratic .


  1. She was co-opted to fill a vacancy in another ward where there were not enough candidates. Seems strange to me to co-opt someone who was rejected by the electorate!

  2. Can someone who obviously is unaware of the electoral system and hasn't stood to be elected themselves pass judgement?
    If you don't like the system or feel that you would be a better candidate then get off your arse and do something about it!!!!
    - Bloody backseat commentists!

  3. Hi Anon 3/11/2010 -I am not talking about the electoral system I am talking about democracy.

    The electoral system is nothing more than a sham that enables people with vested interests but no democratic mandate to grab power for powers sake.
    The head of the electoral commission is a self proclaimed communist FFS.

    Obviously you are an apologist for the electoral system and have more experience with it than me but I do have more experience with democracy so I think that trumps your belief in statist government control any day of the week.I believe in freedom and democracy and I have faced death to preserve it -what do you believe in exactly
    and have you laid your life on the line to preserve it? Get off your arse and visit our troops in Afghanistan who are dying in the name of freedom and democracy.If you belive any soldier is fighting for an electoral system I am afraid you are talking out your arse.

    The definition of democracy is a "political form of government in which governing power is derived from the people, either by direct referendum or by means of elected representatives of the people".How then can
    it be democratic that a person who has been rejected by the electorate in a fair vote end up representing the same people that rejected them.
    Would you call that democratic or are you one of these people that have been brainwashed into believing that we are in the post democratic era.
    You may see that as fair looking from the other side of the looking glass but in the real world that most people live in it is neither fair nor democratic.

    I would suggest you actually read some of my more recent posts especially 13th Oct 2010 where I stated that I intend to stand as councillor in the elections next year.The fact that I want to represent the people of crowborough by being voted in rather than being co opted onto the council seems the right thing to do and I cannot understand how politicos such as yourself have problems with that.
    Bloody backseat communists!

    I am flattered that you consider me capable of changing the electoral system but I have to admit that decades of fiddling with and fiddling democracy by the socialist/fabian /progressives may be a bit beyond me to put right.


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