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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

East Sussex County Council Part 2

Had an interesting email from a person who knows someone who works for ESCC.

Its common knowledge that all councils including ESCC have a group of people paid to monitor the press to make sure no one goes "off message".Councils only like to read about how wonderful they are and what a great service they provide.Most of the editors of the local papers are compliant and only print articles that will meet with
approval from the local politburo.Blogs are also monitored but cannot be controlled in the same way that the local press can be and the powers that be do not like it one bit.We all know that Brown had his own henchmen (Mc Bride and Draper)that would not hesitate to smear people if it meant political gain.Who would have thought though that Councils play the same game and are not adverse to a bit of smearing themselves including encouraging bloggers to break the law and then drop them in the shit in order to silence them.


  1. You may find this interesting.

  2. Very interesting.

    They cant monitor skype at the moment,e mails can be encrypted and
    is a good method to preserve your privacy.

    For a bit of fun just add random words like AK47,semtex,etc etc into emails and then send them to your hotmail account.


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