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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

East Sussex County Council .

I made sure I finished work early today to attend the war memorial at 11am in order to remember those that died to preserve our freedoms.I wonder what those people who fought in 2 world wars would think about the creeping police state and erosion of personal freedoms that we have to put up with in this country under Mc dooms socialist darien government.
Gordon Brown showed his true (yellow) colours when he refused to bow his head in respect at the cenotaph and then went on to argue about his spelling with a poor lady that had lost her son in the shithole that is Afghanistan.
I came home and had lunch whilst checking my e mails and web traffic to discover that some piece of shit in East Sussex County Council (194.140.226.#)was monitoring my site between 10.30am until gone 11.00am.I think you all see where I am going on this but I will spell it anyway.This cunt was wanking off (metaphorically I hope)
over the contents of this blog when he/she should have been doing something more useful (slitting his/her wrists would be a good start).Worse than that though is the fact that when most people are remembering our war dead this vermin was fucking around on the internet at the taxpayers expense.You see nothing must stand in the way of monitoring and controlling the populace not even 2 minutes silence to remember those that fought to preserve the very same freedoms that Mr/Mrs snooper from ESCC are trying to destroy.
Wait for the reply from someone saying something along the lines of " i came across your blog by accident blah blah blah ESCC are great,you are wrong and I am more intelligent than you blah blah blah " .

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